Choose from any of our MONSTER or MONSTER-TO-ORDER shoes. All items are available via PRE-ORDER with 1-2 week production time only.  Once completed, we will ship items via FEDEX International Economy.

 Step 2: SIZE

Select your Size. Please refer to our SIZE CHART below. (NOTE: We use our own sizing; U.S. Size will differ from our Size. Measure accurately including both centimetres and millimeters.) To get accurate measurement, draw the outline of your foot on a piece of paper and measure with ruler or tape measure. We will only manufacture the size you have provided.

Click on link for detailed instructions:

Ladies Sizes: (SHOES)

Size 5 Womens (23.2cm length of insole with 21.8cm foot circumference)
Size 6 Womens (24.0cm length of insole with 22.2cm foot circumference)
Size 7 Womens (24.9cm length of insole with 22.4cm foot circumference)
Size 8 Womens (25.8cm length of insole with 23.0cm foot circumference)
Size 9 Womens (26.6cm length of insole with 23.6cm foot circumference)
Size 10 Womens (27.4cm length of insole with 24.2cm foot circumference)
Size 11 Womens (28.2cm length of insole with 24.8cm foot circumference)

Mens Sizes: (SHOES)
Size 5 Mens (26.2cm length of insole with 23.3cm foot circumference)
Size 5.5 Mens (26.2cm length of insole with 23.3cm foot circumference)
Size 6 Mens (26.0cm length of insole with 23.6cm foot circumference)
Size 6.5 Mens (27.0cm length of insole with 23.9cm foot circumference)
Size 7 Mens   (27.4cm length of insole with 24.2cm foot circumference)
Size 7.5 Mens (27.8cm length of insole with 24.5cm foot circumference)
Size 8 Mens   (28.2cm length of insole with 24.8cm foot circumference)
Size 8.5 Mens (28.6cm length of insole with 25.1cm foot circumference)
Size 9 Mens   (29.0cm length of insole with 25.4cm foot circumference)
Size 9.5 Mens (29.4cm length of insole with 25.8cm foot circumference)
Size 10 Mens   (29.8cm length of insole with 26.0cm foot circumference)
Size 10.5 Mens (30.2cm length of insole with 26.3cm foot circumference)
Size 11 Mens   (30.6cm length of insole with 26.6cm foot circumference)
Size 11.5 Mens (31.0cm length of insole with 26.9cm foot circumference)
Size 12 Mens   (31.4cm length of insole with 27.2cm foot circumference)
Size 13 Mens   (32.0cm length of insole with 28.0cm foot circumference)

Size 0 Womens (31.5 inches Bust / 24.0inches Waist / 33.5inches Hips)
Size 2 Womens (32.5 inches Bust / 25.0inches Waist / 34.5inches Hips)
Size 4 Womens (33.5 inches Bust / 26.0inches Waist / 35.5inches Hips)
Size 6 Womens (34.5 inches Bust / 27.0inches Waist / 36.5inches Hips)
Size 8 Womens (35.5 inches Bust / 28.0inches Waist / 37.5inches Hips)
Size 10 Womens (36.5 inches Bust / 29.0inches Waist / 38.5inches Hips)
Size 12 Womens (38.0 inches Bust / 30.5inches Waist / 40.0inches Hips)
Size 14 Womens (39.5 inches Bust / 32.0inches Waist / 41.5inches Hips)
Size 16 Womens (41.5 inches Bust / 33.5inches Waist / 43.0inches Hips)
Size 18 Womens (43.0 inches Bust / 35.5inches Waist / 45.0inches Hips)
Size 20 Womens (45.0 inches Bust / 37.5inches Waist / 47.0inches Hips)
Size 22 Womens (47.0 inches Bust / 39.5inches Waist / 49.0inches Hips)
Size 24 Womens (49.0 inches Bust / 41.5inches Waist / 51.0inches Hips)
Size 26 Womens (51.0 inches Bust / 43.5inches Waist / 53.0inches Hips)

Size XS Mens (32.0-34.0 inches Chest / 26.0-28.0 inches Waist / 13-13.5 inches Neck / 31-32 inches Arm Length )
Size S Mens (35.0-37.0 inches Chest / 29.0-31.0 inches Waist / 14-14.5 inches Neck / 32-33 inches Arm Length )
Size M Mens (38.0-40.0 inches Chest / 32.0-34.0 inches Waist / 15-15.5 inches Neck / 33-34 inches Arm Length )
Size L Mens (41.0-43.0 inches Chest / 35.0-37.0 inches Waist / 16-16.5 inches Neck / 34-35 inches Arm Length )
Size XL Mens (44.0-46.0 inches Chest / 38.0-40.0 inches Waist / 17-17.5 inches Neck / 35-36 inches Arm Length )
Size XXL Mens (47.0-49.0 inches Chest / 41.0-43.0 inches Waist / 18-18.5 inches Neck / 36-36.5 inches Arm Length )



 Step 5:  SHIPPING

a.       Please note the SHIPMENT WEIGHT at the product page. (options are 3kg/ 4kg or 6kg).

b.      Choose the COUNTRY to ship-to. (note: if country is not on the list, please email us at

c.       SHIPPING OPTION: please choose the CORRECT Shipping Option for the Shipment Weight whether 3kg/ 4kg or 6kg. (Please note that incorrect Shipment Weight chosen will not be processed correctly and orders will not ship)


Choose from Credit Card or PAYPAL


Click “GO TO SHIPPING DETAILS” and fill out the details needed such as Name/ Shipping Address/ Email Address and Contact Number.



You will be redirected to PAYPAL Page.


You can process payment without PAYPAL ACCOUNT by clicking: “PAY WITH A DEBIT CARD OR CREDIT CARD”

 Complete all Payment Details needed.

Click: “PAY”


You will be receiving Order Confirmation via email with Order Completion Date of your purchase. Once order is manufactured, we will send another email with the tracking number via FEDEX International Economy.



All prices are shown in USD. Your bank will likely convert your purchase to your currency. You can go to for exchange rates. Exchange rates can change each day. Your bank may charge currency conversion fees.


All of our shoes in MONSTER are PRE-ORDER and we manufacture our shoes as per order only. Please choose accurately your Shoe Size. MONSTER will not be held liable for any exchanges/ replacements for orders placed with incorrect size. For details, please click:


Express orders are shipped by FedEx Economy (4-5 business days delivery time).  Kindly take note of the SHIPMENT WEIGHT of your order noted on the product weight (3KG, 4KG or 6KG). The shipping fee will depend on your LOCATION + SHIPMENT WEIGHT. We do offer FREE SHIPPING in most Asian Countries, otherwise please see shipping fee at the Check-Out Page. (note: PLEASE CHOOSE THE CORRECT SHIPMENT WEIGHT in processing your Order. Incorrect shipment weight chosen will cause delay on your order and it will not ship.)


If any package is refused or undeliverable, customer will be responsible for any return shipping costs or taxes. It can take 8 weeks or more for a refused or undeliverable package to arrive back to us. The original shipping cost is non-refundable.



Your country's Customs office may add Customs taxes (VAT) and Duty to your package once it arrives at your Customs office. Customer must pay any customs, duties and/or taxes to the parcel carrier at delivery of the package. Your parcel carrier may contact you to arrange payment of these fees before the package can be delivered. If any package is refused or undeliverable, customer will be responsible for any return shipping or taxes.


You will receive a confirmation email once your shoes are boxed up and ready to ship. It will include your tracking number and you can track your package from that email. Some tracking updates will not appear for a few days after the package ships, depending on where it is traveling to.


Prices on MONSTER website is in US Dollars. For orders within Philippines, please email us at so we may provide price in Philippine Peso. MONSTER reserves the right to make changes to pricing and specifications without prior notice and without incurring any obligations to you.


Due to the high cost of shipping, MONSTER does NOT provide returns on international orders. We accept returns / and or exchanges ONLY for DAMAGED ITEMS within a 7-day period upon receipt of the item(s). Customers must make their own accommodations for any returns. Any product you wish to return must be sent in its original packaging and in unworn condition. We cannot accept returns for used merchandise. Please note that the original shipping charge of your order is non-refundable.


We have done our best to display as accurately as possible the colors of the products shown on the web site. However, because the colors you see will depend on your monitor, we cannot guarantee that your monitor's display of any color will be accurate.


All text, images, photographs, logos, illustrations, descriptions, data and any other materials provided on the Website are collectively referred to as "Content." The Content may contain omissions, errors, or may be out of date.  MONSTER reserves the right to change, delete, update or otherwise alter the Content at anytime without providing further notice.  The Content is provided for informational purposes only and is not binding on MONSTER in any way except to the extent that it is specifically indicated to be so.


The information of the web site may contain typographical errors or inaccuracies and may not be complete or current. We therefore reserve the right to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions and to change and update information at any time without prior notice (including after you have submitted your order). Please note that such errors, inaccuracies or omissions may relate to product description, pricing and availability. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.


By submitting your orders, you are acknowledging and that you have READ AND UNDERSTOOD the Terms and Conditions and have AGREED with our Terms and Conditions.



1.       MONSTER (Collection) - this consist of the pieces released under our collections by the designer. Currently had released 3 collections namely: MYTH, Monster, MANIPULATION and capsule collection

2.       Monster-to-Order (MTO) - We customize made-to-order shoes for our clients around the globe. They tell us what they want, we design and source the materials, and the rest is shoegasm!


On-Hand Items vs. Pre-Order

On-Hand items are products that is currently on stock and is available for purchase without any waiting.

Pre-Orders have a waiting period of 1-3 weeks (after Manufacture date) + Shipping to receive the purchase items. Most of the items at are Pre-Orders, unless stated otherwise.


How can I change my order?

Make sure to review carefully before submitting your orders to us. If you wanted to make any changes with the order such as size, shipping address or change the entire order; please email us at


How long will I have to wait to get my orders?

Pre-Orders: 1-3 weeks manufacturing + Shipping Time

On-Hand Products: available for shipping ASAP.

If there will be a delay due to manufacturing or shipping etc. We will notify you immediately


What will I do with wrong/ defective items?

On very rare occasions, we do make mistakes on shipping item, when this happens, please contact us, we will make it right by issue you a full refund or reship the correct item. We reserve the right to request for photos of the wrong item shipped to you.